Child birth In my life and around the world

I had my first child at the age of 20, he weigh in at 7lbs and 8oz, as a young mom to be I went to all of my doctors visits read every pamphlet they had in the doctor’s office for new mom’s to read, took my prenatal vitamins as prescribe to make sure I had a healthy baby. I didn’t have any complication during my delivery. After having my son he had a bowel movement coming out and swallow some of his bowel back and he was taken to the ICU for observation they cleaned out his lungs but his swallowing was a concern to the doctors because he wasn’t drinking his formula right he kept throwing it back up and they had to change his formula for a could of days until he was able to digest it right. After a week had past he was able to switch back to the formula that I would be giving him at home. That was so scary not knowing what the outcome could turn into. Then five years later I gave birth to my second child which was a girl she was smaller than her brother 6lbs 5oz healthy no complication during birthing except when she came out her feet were turned inward and they thought she had club feet, I felt sad for her because just like my son I went to all of my appointments took my prenatal vitamins did every thing I was suppose to do and how come my daughter feet turn out like this? Well I had to take her to see a orthopedic doctor to see what they could do for her feet. Well the day I took her I got good news she didn’t have club feet I had to do feet massages on her feet to help loosen up her heel from the bottom part her leg and she had to wear orthopedic shoes to help strengthen her ankles and feet. The shoes she wore looked just like regular baby shoes the only difference was that right shoe was for the left foot and vice versa she wore them for a year then I wonder would she every learn to walk or would she need assistance , well she didn’t need anything but for me to buy her some regular walking shoes and when she was about 14 months old she began to walk on her own, I was  so proud of her my baby she was doing what she was supposed to be doing at 14 months her feet complication never slowed her development up. I was asked with both of kids was I going to breast feed them well I said yes for my son because I had read that this will make them feel closer to the mom well I didn’t get a chance to try it do to the fact my son had complication on swallowing and he need to drink a special kind of milk and once he had gotten better the thought had left my mind but we’re are just as close today without the help of that one on one closeness from breastfeeding and after 5 years age difference from my son and daughter I never thought about it with her. I know most hospitals here in the US are big on breast feeding and teaching the mom on how to do it , it’s ok whether you choose to breast feed over bottle feed some people flown on breastfeeding because they don’t understand the importance of it to a mother and her baby and others just whether bottle feed for the convenience either way you chose doesn’t make you a bad person it’s a choice that you make for youself and your baby.

Around the world

I chose China to see how different their culture is on breast feeding


Breastfeeding a Baby in China

The following article is presented by Valerie Wiens.

Valerie is a La Leche League leader who has been actively providing breastfeeding support to Chinese and foreign mothers in Qingdao, China since 2008. She is also a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Contact Valerie at

When it comes to breastfeeding, China is a bit of a conundrum. Although statistics tell us that China has better breastfeeding rates than the US and Europe (, most people having a baby in a Chinese hospital will feel there is far less support and understanding about breastfeeding. Most mothers will experience a large amount of pressure to formula feed in the hospital. This is true for foreign mothers and even more true for Chinese.


Living in China you have probably noticed that formula marketing is rampant. Formula samples are given at prenatal checkups, free “breastfeeding classes” are held by formula companies, their posters are all over the walls of most hospitals. Dr.’s and hospital staff receive perks from formula companies for promoting their products. WHO and UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative prohibits formula promotion or pressuring. There are over 6,000 Baby Friendly Hospitals in China compared to 105 in the US. Still I can personally attest to being in Baby Friendly Hospitals where I see at least 4 of the 10 requirements being routinely broken.

Perhaps one explanation for the difference seen between statistics and real experience is that the statistics are for the whole of China. If you look at the major metropolitan cities you see a much bleaker picture. For instance, in Shanghai, breastfeeing rates at 4 months are 22% compared to country side Chengde at 76%. The national target is 80%. (Sources: 123)

Still, the general attitude in China is pro-breastfeeding. In contrast to the West almost all Chinese women plan to breastfeed. Breastfeeding in public is much more acceptable in China than in the West. Since the 2008 formula scandal breastfeeding has been promoted. For most, formula feeding is not seen so much as a “choice” and women only plan to use it if they have to. Still with a lack of medically sound support, unethical marketing, and abundant family pressure few manage to exclusively breastfeed and wean long before they hoped to.

So if you plan to breastfeed what should you expect when having a baby in China?

Hospital Stay – Do not expect hospital breastfeeding support

Those foreign mothers I’ve talked to who had babies at international hospitals report receiving help with breastfeeding and less pressure to formula feed. I can’t say the same of Chinese hospitals. Of course you might get lucky and discover a local hospital that is supportive of breastfeeding! If so, use the forum on this website to promote that hospital! In any case, it is best to prepare yourself with information so you can combat any poor advice. › Reference

6 thoughts on “Child birth In my life and around the world”

  1. Tanya,
    It is incredible to hear how both of your children had complications when born, but came through and successfully recovered. You said you wondered how after doing everything right, both times something went wrong. I think that we can help our children develop in the womb, but what we do after they are born shows our true nature and commitment. You did everything you could to help your children not just recover, but thrive, and through your efforts, they did! Be proud of how you helped them to develop after birth, even though you had little control beforehand.

    ~Mary Grace

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  2. HI Tanya Glad to be back with you. My son had similar complications at birth and was in the NICU. I today am grateful for the wonderful doctors and nurses who made him healthy. We has parents are fortunate to have the resources available to us that enable us to provide our children what they need to develop properly . God Bless


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